Intriva was founded in 2017, during a period when several sub-sectors, and in some cases whole markets, were being disrupted by innovative technologies and new commercial models.

This trend has accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a team, we are set-up to be responsive to the fast-changing business and investment landscape. We are diverse, and operate as a single team, using our multi-disciplinary skills and collaborating across sectors, regions and disciplines. We retain a local presence in London, Frankfurt and Madrid, enabling us to take a hands-on approach to our investments.

Meet the Team

Managing Partner

Simon Finn

Partner, Head of Asset Management

Tom Saunders

Chief Financial Officer

Dean Walsh

Senior Investment Controller

Sameera Irfan

Associate, Investment Management

Ash Phakey

Managing Director, Asset Management

Kawai Chung

Senior Asset Manager, Asset Management

Joseph Hare

Senior Asset Manager, Asset Management

Luis Dominguez Cort├ęs