London, 18 October 2021

Lending Works, the leading embedded lending platform which was acquired last year by Intriva, has today announced a new multi-year partnership with Experian, the global information services provider. The deal will provide Lending Works with access to Experian’s credit and affordability data to help underpin its credit decisioning engine and fraud prevention strategies.

Experian’s Trended Data solution will help Lending Works understand whether consumers are on an upwards or downwards trajectory in their capacity to afford credit.

Lending Works will also use Experian’s Affordability IQ service to identify if a customer has experienced a recent reduction in or loss of income as a result of the pandemic.

Access to this data will help Lending Works to understand a customer’s affordability. It will also help Lending Works to proactively manage its customers’ financial wellbeing, ensuring they are treated fairly and responsibly throughout the life of a loan.

The partnership will allow Lending Works to accelerate its growth whilst maintaining high credit standards.

Further information can be found on Finextra.